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13 December 2011 @ 05:43 pm
Fic: Our Hearts Are Wrong Part V (Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock [BBC])  
Title: Our Hearts Are Wrong Part V: You're all humming live wires under your killing clothes
Author: mad_teagirl
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Character/Pairing: Sherlock/Irene
Rating: PG-13
Summary:This is set roughly four years before the start of the series. I had been writing a Sherlock/Irene that took place during the current series time-line, but then I got completely sidetracked with their back story and so this happened. The title comes from the Jessica Lea Mayfield song of the same name
Obviously follows Part I , Part II, Part III, and Part IV
Beta(s): The lovely sabrinaphynn and my dear Watson suchaprince who not only got roped into last minute beta-ing, but has pretty much been the reason I haven't given up writing this all together.
Disclaimer: Pretty much everything belongs to either ACD, Gatiss, Moffat, or the BBC with the exception of my casting choice for Miss Adler (who I know has been cast at this point, but wasn't when I started writing it and I'm holding onto my grandfather clause), and my choice to take her character in the direction of psychology and criminal profiling as opposed to opera singing.

( “My brother has his demons, Miss Adler, and his vices he uses to tame them. But he’s taken an interest in you, and since he’s developed that interest there have been less incidents. And, considering you are wearing my brother’s shirt, I am willing to hazard a guess that that interest is mutual.” )
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